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A Playlist for Dante Walker


Over the past couple of months, I've been getting to know Dante. I wouldn't quite call it stalking, but I've been to his website a few times, followed that "random chick" who wrote a book about him (Victoria Scott), and been keeping track of excerpts of that book on the web. Like I said, not stalking. I like to call it staying informed and quenching my thirsty curiosity.

What I've learned about Dante, so far, is that he's good with words, and he has a knack for getting "pretty little souls" on his side. Seriously, though. How can you not just turn to jello when he starts sweet-talkin' you, painting a picture of you... with him... in the woods with a homemade drive-in movie setup.... or on the beach... or just going for a ride in his favorite car... You're brain just kind of turns to mush and you're at his mercy, like play-dough in his hands, and he can mold you into whatever he wants. Like it says, "He makes good girls....bad." (Visit Dante Walker)

But even with all his confidence, he still has regrets and emotions that he buries. He's got another side, which I doubt he'd like to admit, that's a little more raw than the guarded, yet flirtatious, game he plays. I'm curious to see more of it...

He collects souls for the Boss Man. His favorite color is, without a doubt, red. He's a Taurus, which says a lot (sensual, stubborn, lover of beauty and pleasure, strong, and persistent in his tasks ~ ahem, collecting souls).  He doesn't like to read (bummer). He's got blue eyes. And he's single.

But he's also a demon. A dead demon. Who collects souls... *shrugs* Ah, who am I kidding? Minor details...

Everyone has a playlist, a list of songs that seem to be written for or about you... Even Dante... Or at least, he has this playlist that I've put together... We'll see if it's up to par...