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What is it about people and our desire to make up stories? Even if you aren't a published novelist, I'm sure you've caught yourself in an elaborate daydream, imagining all the things you could accomplish or all the turns your life could take based on a single decision or action. We imagine, and that in itself is a form of storytelling, even if it's only to ourselves.

Why do we love the art of storytelling? It's the truest art form, whether it's in the medium of paint or ink, everything we create out of passion tells a story. I'm an art lover, and I can appreciate the story told through a picture, but there's nothing, nothing, like the beauty of the written word. It's raw and deep and strikes us on a personal level whether we're ready for it or not, always full of surprises and joy and heartbreak.

Stories are really the core of us as human beings. They are what make us tick; force us to remember; give us hope. In some cultures, stories are the only form of history that keep a way of life living, and to stop telling them would mean the end of an era. Of traditions. Of a people.

In this literary and well documented world, histories and stories are now written down. There are more books in the world than any one person can read, meaning that stories surround and overwhelm us. People write and share, and in that way they offer a huge piece of themselves, giving us another perspective of not only the human mind, but the heart and soul.

Nothing saddens me more than to hear someone say that reading is boring or a waste of time. Reading isn't just about comprehending the words as they are in front of you, one by one, but feeling the meaning behind them. Understanding and knowing the story and the bigger picture that they form. Reading is like keeping a legacy alive. The stories of us and the beautiful imaginations that we possess.
It's amazing to read and see what people are capable of. What ideas they can come up with, whether they are ugly and brutal or peaceful and serene. What's even more amazing is to see what you can come up with if you open yourself up to it. That's the ingenuity of it all. There's so much you can discover. 
Happy Reading Everyone :)