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6 Bookish Gifts I’d Love to Get on Valentine’s Day...

Reblogged from Kate says:

...but probably will buy them by myself anyway.


1. Girls love jewellery, well I do. And I absolutely easily fall in love with wonderfully crafted items, like bookish bracelets, earrings or necklace. I have an eye on this one for longer time now :-)


2. Reading is more pleasures with a tea, coffee or wine in your hand. My next addiction is mug collecting. I have quite a collection now! I bring mugs from my trips and holidays and my only quasi-bookish mug is from The Moomins collection that I brought from Finland which is perfect for coffee. However since I'm a cat owner and she is  sometimes 'reading with' (read: sleeping on) me, I thought this bookish-catish mug would be perfect for me. 


3. Next things that I love are posters. Telling the truth I would love to glue my whole walls in poster, pictures, placards and collages. I found this awesome guy who makes bookish posters, well, illustrations would be more accurate I suppose. Brilliant ones and I would be pleased to have any of these:

 4.  Bags - never enough. Like shoes. And I'm doomed here. I was thinking about this bag and wanted to decide which bookish concept to choose, there are plenty of great single book themed, like Hunger Games bag or Edgar Allan Poe bag but I couldn't decide. How to choose only one book? That's why it would be perfect if the bag was all and only about "Books" (literally). Telling the truth, the t-shirt with this printing would suit me too :-)


5. E-reader so I could read many books at a time, hold them together and that my partner would stop grumbling about my paper books which are everywhere in our house. My plan for this year, for the first half of this year, is to have Kindle Paperwhite (at last) and immerse in night reading :-)


6. And books of course! My Planning to read Shelf is still growing :-)