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Review: Pretty Little Things by Teresa Mummert

Ummm... So, in the face of all the rave reviews I've read about Pretty Little Things by Teresa Mummert... I'm going to be the honest bad guy and ask... What in the hell did I just read?


There is talent here, let me just say that first. The quotes and emotional thoughts you can take away from this book are countless, and the writing itself has the ability to touch your heart, but this is a novel. Not poetry.


I've never read a book that was so completely rushed and underdeveloped. And what really gets me fired up is that it has the potential to be MIND BLOWING! So much potential.. I can't even... *sigh*... 


I couldn't relate to the characters or the chemistry that they supposedly have. Their situation didn't affect me at all, even though it's supposed to be horrid and heart-breaking. There just wasn't enough development in order for me as a reader to connect to anything about this story. 


It was almost like I was skimming, except I wasn't. I read the book word for word, and I felt like I was only able to barely break through the surface. Like someone was telling me bits and pieces of a story and it was up to me to put it all together... 


Maybe I'm missing something because, like I said, rave five star reviews are running rampant about this book... 


But I just couldn't feel it....