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Review: Eros, My Love by April Bostic

Eros, My Love - April Bostic
Gabrielle Foster never thought she would fall in love with a mythological character. After reading the pages of a mysterious blog, she finds herself enamored yet sympathetic toward a young man claiming to be the Greek god Eros. The journal paints him as a tragic and lonely god with a selfless heart that yearns for companionship. But the anonymous blogger is a clinically insane woman, so Eros couldn't really exist...could he? While working the night shift at a local city diner, a secret admirer reveals his true identity and Gabrielle realizes he may be the key to her own heartache.


I wasn't sure what to expect from Eros, My Love. It's only around 26 pages long, and that seems impossibly short to fit in an entire story. However, April Bostic offers a sweet and dramatic surprise.
The one question that bugged me was why Eros would reveal himself to the mysterious blogger and basically drive her into a mental institution. Just passing the time, Eros? He's selfish, as most gods of the Greek or Roman variety tend to be, ruining any other relationship Gabrielle has had, but for her, that's easy to overlook when it comes to the physical perfection that practically knocks you to your knees. 
If it were me, I'd have been pissed at Eros for keeping me from happiness because of his jealousy. But when you have a daydream or fantasy about being swept off your feet and away from the burdens you currently carry, nothing can be wrong. And in Gabrielle's case, the fantasy becomes not just a figment of her imagination, but a reality she never would have believed could happen to her
As a character-driven reader, I was happy to discover my connection to Gabrielle was immediate. I felt like I knew her and could relate to her frustrating situation of feeling "stuck." She felt genuine, and I instantly liked her.
The world building was pretty awesome, especially given the short amount of time the author had to draw us into the story. I read it quickly and was sucked in immediately. I'd love to read one of Bostic's full length novels, because if she can draw me in in only 26 or so pages, I can just imagine how I'll feel with a few hundred to drag me under.
There's a definite talent in the writing style. It's smooth and it flows. The inevitable sex scene had a few eye-rolling moments when it came to word choice,  but overall, the writing presents an obvious talent that I'd like to see more of.
Eros, My Love is a fun, sweet, and surprising short story. It leans toward the quality of being a fantasy or a day dream, and I could almost imagine Gabrielle snapping out of it at any moment. I felt like she was waiting for the same thing, but as the reality struck her, how could she possibly go back to the mundane?
If you have a few minutes, I'd recommend curling up with Eros, My Love. It's short and slightly unbelievable, but what fantasy isn't?
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